Conference Announcement!

Topological Electrons

July 10-16, 2022   Quy Nhon, Vietnam

May, 2022:  We publish a joint theory/experimental work in Nature Physics on the electrical detection of spin swapping in a canted antiferromagnetic insulator.  We also establish the injection of a pure spin current across an insulator/metallic interface when a temperature gradient is parallel to the interface.  The work was done in collaboration with the Chien Group at Johns Hopkins University and the Zhou Group at UT Austin. The work was covered in the press in Northeastern News.

May, 2022:  We publish a joint theory-experimental work in Nature Communications on magnons and magnetic fluctuations in MnBi2Te4.  The work was done in collaboration with the He group at Texas Tech University and the Li Group at UT Austin.

May, 2022:  Professor Fiete publishes a broad audience article in Physics Today on  Quantum materials out of equilbrium with help from Martin Rodriguez-Vega and Maia G. Vergniory.

March, 2022:  Undergraduate student Jack Nedell accepts offer of admission from Cornell University to join their PhD program in physics.  Congratulations Jack on this important step in your physics career!

February, 2022:  We publish joint theory/experimental work in Physical Review Letters on the magnetic field control of soft chiral phonons. The work was done in collaboration with the Kono Group at Rice University.

January, 2022: Graduate student collaborator Carina Belvin from the Gedik Group at MIT accepts a Prize Postdoctoral Position at Caltech and graduate student collaborator Mengke Liu from the Shih Group at UT Austin accepts an HQI Postdoctoral Fellowship at Harvard.  Congratulations to you both on your great achievements! We wish you both further success in your next career steps.

November, 2021: Professor Fiete receives Bessel Research Award from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation

October, 2021: We publish joint theory/experimental work in Physical Review Letters  on the interplay of the Kondo effect and superconductivity in a heterobilayer moire system. 

October, 2021: We publish joint theoretical and experimental work in Nature Physics with collaborators at the Weizmann Institute investigating signatures of topological superconductivity in 4Hb-TaS2.  The work is featured in a News & Views.  

September, 2021: We publish joint theoretical and experimental work in Physical Review Letters with the Shih Group at UT Austin investigating the role of disorder on thin film superconductors. 

September, 2021: Professor Fiete receives grant from the Department of Energy to study magnetism in critical materials.  Northeastern colleague University Distinguished Professor Laura H. Lewis is the PI of the award.

August, 2021: Graduate student Bowen Ma successfully defends his PhD!  Congratulations to the newest Dr. from the group!  Bowen will join Hong Kong University as a postdoc from the Fall of 2021.

July, 2021: Professor Fiete receives grant from the National Science Foundation to support graduate student research.

July, 2021: Recent postdoc Martin Rodriguez-Vega declines two faculty offers to accept a position as an Editor at Physical Review Letters.  Congratulations on the start of a new, impactful career!

June, 2021: Graduate student Arpit Raj  is selected for Morelli Award.  The award recognizes outstanding research by a first year PhD student.  Congratulations, Arpit, on this honor early in your graduate studies!

May, 2021: Congratulations to all the group members recognized this year by the department in the annual Lawrence Award Ceremony!  They are: Graduate Student Arpit Raj for First Year Academic Excellence.  Undergraduate Cy Elliot for the Altshuler Alumi Research Award, and undergraduates Nick Hurly and William Cutler for Second Year Academic Excellence.

April, 2021: Graduate student Wes Roberts selected for a 2021 National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate (NDSEG) Fellowship!  The 2021 awardees are listed here. Congratulations on this prestigious honor!

March, 2021: Postdoc Martin Rodriguez-Vega joins Los Alamos National Lab as a Director’s Fellow. Congratulations on this exciting move!

December, 2020: Graduate student Sree Kankanala profiled in the Northeastern College of Science News.  She is an inspiring young researcher!

October, 2020: Postdoc Martin Rodriguez-Vega featured in profile article.  He is a model scientist and mentor!

October, 2020: Former postdoc, now Professor, Mehdi Kargarian receives the prestigious ICTP Prize!  Congratulations Mehdi on this major international recognition!! His acceptance talk can be found here.

Summer, 2020:  Graduate student Sree Kankanala  is selected for Morelli Award.  The award recognizes outstanding research by a first year PhD student.  Congratulations, Sree, on getting off to a great start for your graduate studies!

Spring, 2020: Graduate student Wes Roberts receives the Lawrence Award for Excellence in Teaching.  Congratulations, Wes!

May, 2020: Graduate student Michael Vogl successful defends his PhD and accepts a faculty postion at  KFUPM, Saudi Arabia.  Congratulations, Michael on both of these career milestones!!

March, 2020: Postdoc Martin Rodriguez-Vega’s work featured in a  news story about the interesting collective charge dynamics in one of the oldest known magnets, magnetite.  The work was joint with the  Gedik Group at MIT and was published in Nature Physics.

January, 2020: Professor Fiete talks about his beginnings as a scientist, and what interests him about physics and quantum many-body phenomena in particular.

June, 2019: Graduate student Michael Vogl featured in news story about his impressive development of a new theoretical approach to study time-dependent, interacting quantum many-particle systems.  The work was published in Physical Review X.   Congratulations, Michael!

May, 2019: Undergraduate student Ariel Barr recieves NDSEG Graduate Fellowship, NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, and the George H Mitchell Award.  She is currently pursing her PhD at MIT after doing a one year Masters at the University of Cambridge, UK.  You amaze us, Ariel! 

May, 2019: Professor Fiete recognized as a  QuantEmX Fellow.  Fellows are supported by the Institute for Complex Adaptive Matter and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.

January, 2019: Quantum Matter and Correlated Electron Theory Lab established at Northeastern University.